About The Software Alliance

The technology and software community in Idaho is quickly expanding. This means the need for quality software developers and companies is also growing! The Idaho Technology Council Software Alliance is dedicated to the promotion and development of software developers and software companies throughout the state of Idaho. We are a group of dedicated business people, collaborating to improve the economic opportunities for students, employees and businesses. Our focus is increasing the awareness of the required competencies along with the increasing opportunity in Idaho to help grow and nurture our software community.

With the continuing growth of the Idaho software industry, it is extremely important that we encourage students to continually push boundaries and expand their skill sets to accommodate the growth of this field. We must respond to the demanding needs of Computer Science students by providing them the support and tools to successfully complete their studies and graduate with a degree. By ensuring that our students are equipped with the proper knowledge and skill set for the ever-changing landscape of the industry, we are working to ensure the increasing quality of software companies across the state of Idaho.

For more information on the background and opportunities within of the ITC Software Alliance, please contact us.