Raising Capital

ITC is leading initiatives to increase capital in the state of Idaho. ITC will continue to be involved in efforts to educate and train on fundraising, new initiatives to increase capital, the development and transference of leadership skills, and providing opportunities to foster relationships with venture capitalists.

Public Policy

ITC is the voice for technology and is actively involved in the process to ensure that the interests of the technology industry are represented. ITC's Public Policy team will carefully track legislative bills affecting the technology and business community. The ITC is developing strong relationships with Idaho legislators and other government leaders so as to provide expertise on tech-related bills and issues.

Committee Involvement

Make a difference by working with an ITC Committee on a variety of topics (Workforce, Leadership Development, Research & Development, Finance, Public Policy, Membership, Events, ITC Development, etc…)

Roundtable Discussions

These events will give Idaho CEOs a unique opportunity to discuss and debate key issues with each other and with government and business leaders. The ITC will have discussions with prominent private and global leaders, elected officials and agency heads including the United States Secretary of Labor, U.S. Delegation, Idaho Governors and University presidents.

ITC Hall of Fame

ITC will hold the premier Idaho technology event annually, the ITC Hall of Fame celebration. This event recognizes individuals with Idaho ties that have made a significant impact with technology. The event hosts outstanding keynote addresses from global technology leaders.

Educational Events

Periodically, special events are held with world thought-leaders for the education and corporate development of ITC members. These industry leaders deliver thought-provoking messages to the ITC membership.