eTripTrader, Inc.

eTripTrader, Inc. is a company that has revolutionized the tools for improving work-life balance for employees and organizations. Based out of Boise, ID, eTripTrader helps its clients employ workplace flexibility as a business strategy by providing automated and customizable shift trading systems.

The company was founded in 2002 with the launch of its trip trading product, eTripTrader, to enable airline pilots to trade flying trips. By 2007 the trip trading system was renovated and rebranded as Crew Companion, when it successfully began serving the needs of thousands of pilots and flight attendants.

In 2009 eTripTrader expanded its product line by adding a shift trading solution, SkedFlex. Now, in addition to the airline industry, eTripTrader offers a comprehensive schedule management solution for all major industries. eTripTrader has enjoyed nine consecutive years of growth since its inception. Today its products are improving the quality of life of over 17,000 users throughout the country.