Eagle, Idaho based Klowd.com develops a platform of cloud-based social engagement apps that allow crowds to interact with presentations, venues or events via their mobile devices. They successfully launched their first platform, SlideKlowd in August 2012. Klowd.com has been featured in TechCrunch, Tech Cocktail, AGBeat, and Edudemic.

Audience mobile devices are connected to a private “Klowd” managed by the presenter - allowing content to be pushed to the audience’s devices as well as creating real-time interaction and data collection. The result is the ability of the presenter or venue to track attendance, gather audience feedback, measure knowledge retention, create immediate behavior and gain extensive analytics on the presenter and the content.

SlideKlowd addresses three key challenges for presenters:

- Engagement. SlideKlowd does what countless teachers and coaches have done with their students affected by Attention Deficit Disorders; they give them something to do! Rather than let mobile devices be a distraction, SlideKlowd uses them to stimulate an audience with tactile engagement.
- Performance. SlideKlowd aims to make better presenters by measuring the effectiveness of the presenter and his/her content. A robust analytics platform allows for real-time performance rating of presenters and measurement of content delivery efficacy.
- Outcomes. Every presentation, event or meeting has a desired outcome, whether it is to behave in a different way, buy something or transfer knowledge. SlideKlowd helps deliver these outcomes by creating engagement, stimulating audience response and collecting data.

The audience viewer app is free and available in both the Apple and Android app stores. SlideKlowd also works on any web-enabled mobile device or laptop.

For more information on SlideKlowd go to http://klowd.com/