Z Studio Labs

ITC New Member Spotlight on Z Studio Labs
Michael Ziray
Head of Mobile Development

1. What are the core competencies of your business?
We're a full service mobile application development studio, including native Android and iOS development. We'll take application and game ideas from individuals and businesses from the conception stage to launch on the app stores. All throughout the process, we educate our clients in the new and ever evolving world of mobile and how they can best take advantage of it. We also implement needed backend technologies such as databases, content management systems, web service APIs and anything else the mobile app needs to be highly functional and relevant.

2. What is your vision for Idaho’s technology community?
We believe Idaho has an unprecedented opportunity to create industry-leading technology companies through collaborations with local universities and the community. The Boise area especially has the feeling of a small town, but with big city advantages, which is one reason we moved our company to Boise, after being founded in 2004 in Virginia as a college experiment.

3. How do you hope to create that vision through your involvement with the Idaho Technology Council?
We've already been involved with teaching mobile development to Computer Science students at Boise State as well being actively involved in CS Extras and local discussions groups on mobile development. We'd like to see mobile development and best practices permeate into businesses all over Idaho to keep it on the leading edge, by continuing to mentor our communities' young developers and consulting with area businesses to educate them on how best to take advantage of the new mobile world we live in.