ITC Committees

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Tech2Market Committee
Chair: John Zarian, General Counsel to NCCCO

ITC Research, Development, and Commercialization Committee members have been sought out by leaders in higher education to develop a formal protocol for commercialization of intellectual property in Idaho. Members submitted feedback on a final draft that is expected to be implemented within the research institutions in Idaho.

Under member Mike Scott of Premier Technology, the committee is establishing an “R&D Roadmap” that will be instrumental in developing future strategies and tactics to help entrepreneurs and public agency innovators to commercialize their ideas.

The committee served as a collaborator for the “Tech Transfer Drill Down” event dedicated to helping Idaho speed exceptional intellectual property to commercial viability.

With the Higher Education Research Council, committee members are participating in a process to create “gap funding” within higher education in Idaho to help exceptional ideas advance along the path to commercialization. ITC has been asked to form a committee that will evaluate university proposals for commercialization to be considered for the gap funding.

The IGEM initiative was founded in the R&D Committee. Please see the IGEM Cluster link for more information.

Education Committee 
Chair: Scott Schimanski

The ITC Software Alliance is focused on engaging students in Computer Science. The Education committee hosts an outstanding program called “CS Extras” that works to increase program retention rates and foster internship programs with industry and local universities.The CS Extras program educates and motivates Idaho students to enter and finish a Computer Science degree or related program. It helps students fill in the gaps between Computer Science theory and the realities of today’s software development careers. Click here for more information.

Finance Committee
Chair: John Williamson, KeyBank

The ITC Finance Committee seeks to create stronger access points for capital. To meet the needs of ITC member companies, this committee specifically focuses on start-up capital. The ITC Finance Committee has three main goals.

1. Train entrepreneurs in the process of funding a new venture. The members of the ITC draw from a diversity of experience with growth companies and we recognize the importance of offering that experience as an investment in our business community.

2. Help identify sources of capital within our market. Although it can be difficult to obtain funding in Idaho, opportunities still exist. Through identifying and highlighting sources of capital, the Finance Committee can help connect Idaho entrepreneurs with viable funding sources.

3. Broaden access to capital through establishing a “deal flow” publication. To attract additional sources of capital to our state, we need to demonstrate the activity level and opportunity that collectively exists in Idaho. A deal flow publication will showcase the strong level of entrepreneurial activity to outside investors and also help inspire local Idaho entrepreneurs.

Members of the ITC Finance Committee are currently in the process of gathering information for the first deal flow publication.

Public Policy Committee

Chair: Brian Whitlock 
Co-Chair: Tab Roper, TW Telecom

The ITC Public Policy Committee identifies and addresses policy issues that affect Idaho and its software, energy, and agriscience industries. This committee serves as a resource for Idaho’s legislators, the Governor’s office, and other public officials on the complex topics related to the state’s technology industry.

The ITC Public Policy Committee coordinates quarterly meetings with the Governor, which serve a critical role in helping create awareness of industry needs and opportunities for private-public collaboration. Each year, this Committee also organizes a Legislative Reception which allows Idaho policymakers to meet industry representatives and learn about their needs.

Due to the expertise and advocacy of the ITC Public Policy Committee, several key Idaho public policy initiatives are now law in Idaho.

  • IGEM, the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, which is about growing ideas and businesses. This occurs through building a knowledge based economy and focusing on R&D and the commercialization process at our universities, federal agencies (INL, VA), and the private sector. Primarily, IGEM is an economic engine focused on growing ideas and businesses around specific identified areas that will potentially create or answer global opportunity. Considered to be the most significant Idaho technology legislation passed in decades, IGEM is allocated $5 million each year to support technology commercialization efforts in Idaho.
  • The Idaho Cloud Services Clarification Act. Last year, the Idaho Tax Commission ruled that Idaho cloud services were taxable transactions and also required Idaho tech companies to pay sales taxes of previous transactions that took place since the inception of their business. The implementation of this policy would have driven many existing technology companies out of Idaho and created an environment unfriendly to new technology businesses that used cloud-based software services.
  • The ITC Public Policy Committee played a critical role in educating Idaho legislators about this technology and playing an advocacy role. ITC drafted a critical piece of legislation, House Bill 243, which clarified that cloud services were nontaxable transactions. Thanks to the expertise of the ITC Public Policy Committee, House Bill 243 passed the House and Senate Taxation Committees unanimously, passed the House 65-2, and the Senate unanimously, 34–0.

Through serving as a voice for Idaho’s technology industry, the ITC Public Policy Committee is poised to help Idaho’s public officials make informed decisions that create a stronger business environment.