The ITC Software Alliance marketing channel is a vehicle that drives and creates opportunities for the Idaho software developer community and the state of Idaho as a whole. We bridge all of our enthusiasm and efforts so that together we can grow our community, create jobs, and provide innovative solutions in one place. ITC Software Alliance Marketing team will ensure communication between the alliance, its members and the community, and will lead as an example on an (inter)national level through promoting ITC Software Alliance's mission, events and our members.

Our Marketing team will strive to attain partnerships and develop strong connections. We will create an environment where ITC Software Alliance will not only strengthen its brand but will also be of service to our members to share some of the best practices in the sales and marketing fields so that our community, as a whole, wins more business.

Of course, non-members are welcome too! But let’s face it ... being an invested member has its perks. So, join us in:

Driving Idaho's Innovation | Helping Each Other | Exceeding Expectations | Growing Idaho's Talent | Retaining Idaho's Talent | Driving Idaho's Economy |