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Members and sponsors receive more than a simple listing in marketing materials.  They receive access to industry-shaping discussions and information geared to enacting results.  ITC conducts regular events, including peer-to-peer forums, CEO roundtables, and opportunities to meet with civic leaders and nationally recognized analysts.
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The mission of the Idaho Technology Council is to help technology companies in Idaho start, grow, and thrive. We are a member-driven organization committed to the success of Idaho’s technology ecosystem. Through the leadership of the private sector, the ITC brings together industry, education, research, investment and government throughout the state to champion the growth of Idaho’s technology ecosystem.

In order to accomplish the above goals, the ITC needs your help and participation. Watch for events to attend and participate--ones that will help your organization bring different thought and perspective. Also, look at the ITC committees (located in the RESOURCES tab) and how you can bring assistance and view to areas that have been identified by strategic focus groups throughout Idaho that have been gaps regarding growing technology in Idaho.

ITC members have flourished through their participation in the programing and events membership provides. Media attention on technology issues and membership is at an all-time high.  Members connect on a daily basis, both formally and informally, to share best practices and to find collaborative solutions. Members are active as advocates so that elected officials understand what it takes to help technology companies thrive. If you are interested in being involved in our mission, the ITC invites you to be part of solutions and growing the ITC innovative ecosystem! If you would like to be part of an ITC committee, please review the description of committees on our website and contact the ITC Committee Chair or contact ITC Project Manager, Malcolm Hong, at mhong@idahotechcouncil.org